Show registration process

Registration process

The cost of registration for the Conference is:

  • €220 (euros)—-for those registering before 17 November, 17 November inclusive.
  • €190 (euros)—-for students of doctorate or degree, members of the ICOFCV and for all those who have participated in events of JAM Sports, registering before 17 November, 17 November inclusive.
  • €260 (euros)—- price for those who sign up from November 18 until the next 12 of January 2018 (inclusive).
  • If you have submitted research work and it has been approved the registration fee is 260 € only 190 € (euros) (final price until registration closes).

Congress inscription is limited.

To register for the Conference, you must perform the following steps:

  1. payment by deposit or bank transfer at the following account number of Openbank:
  • Number CCC (20 digits) 0073 0100 51 0524292843
  • IBAN in electronic format: ES5600730100510524292843
  • IBAN in paper format: IBAN ES56 0073 0100 5105 2429 2843
  • The concept of the fee inscription must be: Congress + name and surname of the participant
  • For admission or transfer international use: BIC: Openesmmxxx 0073 0100 5105 2429 2843
  1. Fill the form that appears at the following address:

The registration must be made as indicated.

Once received the indicated documentation and confirmation of payment we will contact you to confirm your reservation. See conditions for cancellation of registration here.

Show which includes

Registration includes:

  • Gifts
  • Coffee breaks
  • Material support (presentations)
  • A certificate of attendance to the event
  • In addition to the recognition of credits 2 CEU’s valid NSCA for the 2018-2020 recertification process
Show refund and cancellation....

Refund and cancellation conditions

To ensure the quality of the event, once paid the amount of the registration registration fee will not be returned the amount except in the following cases:

In case of illness / working conditions / or inability the Organization will return 70% of the inscription by keeping the right to keep 30% in administrative and management expenses provided it is more than 20 days of the Congress. In case you are in the 20 days prior to the Congress the Organization reserves the right retain 100% of registration by administrative and management expenses.

JAM Sports reserves the right to modification or rectification as well as cancellation of the Congress without prior notice.

For more information: Email: Tel. 647 65 49 01.