projects presented by attendees at the Fourth International Congress of rehabilitation and prevention of injuries in physical activity and sport. II Congress of health and physical exercise.

With the rules of the works is as follows:

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  • Abstracts of the Congress should be sent before 23:59 the day 20/11/2017 10/12/2017, via filling in the attached form. Jobs sent after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Will not be accepted abstracts containing data previously published in other congresses or scientific journals. In the event that the submitted content has been previously published, the abstract will be rejected.
  • Be enrolled is prerequisite to be able to expose at the Congress. Only the first author may submit work and your registration will be forced. This person must send an abstract and indicate your data of contact (e-mail and phone number), being the only one who will receive information regarding the acceptance of the same and other correspondence.
  • Only one may be first author in a maximum of two abstracts, there is limitation in the number of co-authors between 6 and 8.
  • All authors of the abstract must approve the presented content.
  • All research involving human participants must comply with the Declaration of Helsinki.
  • The theme of the work must be in accordance with the theme of the Congress, and may be presented in original scientific studies and systematic reviews.
  • All accepted abstracts will be published in the proceedings of the Congress, which will be released with their ISBN and legal deposit.


Format, and preparation of abstracts

  • Abstracts should be sent with the proper format, in accordance with the rules described below. If it does not comply with the format criteria, it may lead to the non-acceptance of work.
  • Abstracts can be sent both in Spanish and in English.
  • The source to be used will be Times New Roman, size 12, with double line spacing and justified text.
  • The body of the abstract (introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions) must not exceed 3500 characters (including spaces), when there are no tables or figures. When tables or figures are incorporated, the text may not exceed 3000 characters (including spaces).
  • The use of a figure or table in the abstract should not replace any of the required cross-sections of the works (introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions).
  • Abstracts may contain a figure or a table maximum (not both). These should be concise, and in the case of tables or figures too large, the Scientific Committee may opt for their elimination.
  • Resolution of the figures must be suitable for printing.
  • The size of the poster for submission should not exceed 120cm high x 90cm wide.
  • Information required in the abstract:
  • Title (in bold).
  • Authors (name, surname)
  • Filiation (indicated with superscript number after each author’s last name). The affiliations of all authors of the work should be included.
  • Main body of the abstract. It must contain the following sections: introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions.
  • In the case of adding references, it should be taken into account that the body of the abstract does not exceed the required size. In case of using references, these will be cited in accordance with legislation APA (6th Edition) and appear at the end of the text in a section called “References”.


Thematic lines

Submitted abstracts must be framed in one of the following topics of the Congress:

  • Exercise physiology.
  • Supplementation, diet and nutrition.
  • Recovery of injuries and rehabilitation in the sport.
  • Epidemiology, etiology, pathology and treatment of injuries in the sport.
  • Sports podiatry.
  • Biomechanics of physical activity and sport.
  • Advances in physical activity and sports performance.


Regarding the presentation of your work, you should take into account various


  • The presentation of the poster will be done in digital format for its reproduction through televisions, therefore it should not be PRINTED.
  • The format of the poster will be suitable for a 40-inch television and horizontal orientation. The television has dimensions of approx. 90×54 cm.
  • The main author of the poster must be present during the poster session, for possible questions or comments.The poster must be delivered the week of January 22 to 26, 2018 by e-mail to the following address:
  • The poster can be presented in the formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG and PPTX
  • The poster must have the same parts and format as the abstract presented:

– Title + Institution + Affiliation
– Introduction + (Objectives)
– Methods
– Results
– Conclusions
– References (optional)


  • The oral communication will have a maximum duration of 5 minutes
  • A powerpoint must be developed to support
  • At the end of the oral communications there will be a question time.


Acceptance of works

The Scientific Committee will review abstracts and be sent to the first author acceptance information and calendar assigned to the presentation as well as the presentation format. The three best papers selected by the Scientific Committee, will be published in the magazine JOURNAL NSCA SPAIN.

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