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Introduction and Objectives

We want to inform, the hand of the best professionals in the sector, on the great multiplicity of variables to quantify and to take into account with regard to the implementation of re-training process.

They are professionals who can best identify these variables and propose specific tasks that they carry out. Acting on sports injuries and health programs through physical exercise are fundamental and relevant.

Such work should be approached from a multidisciplinary team that identifies the needs and implements programs of prevention, retraining and healthy activities.

The convention, through the knowledge and experiences of the speakers, offers within the reach of all, tools that support the day to day of different professionals of health and high performance.

Create a framework of contact between professionals linked to the sports sector, which allow interacting and propose strategies that have an impact on the descent from the injury.

Contribute and promote collaboration between medical staff, coaches, the trainers, physiotherapists and the re-adaptadors in reprocessing of multidisciplinary intervention proposals for prevention and functional retraining.

Experience the knowledge within different areas of work and their corresponding integration in the construction of functional tasks in the areas of health and high performance.